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over. Calling at this hour however I found his waiting
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added that no blame was attachable to any of the med
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of demonstrator could have given him. The divisions
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instance of nitrate of silver grs. 40 120 to the ounqe
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lowing may be considered the main points in said treat
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nature according to the character of the affected organ
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the insertion of the aortic valves a transverse rapture
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tered the usual remedies revulsives cold afibsion to
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Absolute alcohol with 2 per cent aniline oil can be
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left side. These muscles afterwards became paralysed.
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upon a faithful public officer. That they did not pre
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and came to me with disease of the superior maxillary
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I learned that the patient was twenty years old and
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i amp m malt liquor. I prefer it if the patient likes it.
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Paris doctors and those who accorded to him an incon
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years of age. It was rapid and not attended or follow
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kidney in which the organ was in the pelvis and could
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in this branch of the subject were made but our space
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breast readily skin moist pulse sofL bowels free. Con
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attacks are oflen consequent on this disease. Of seventy
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by separate orifices in the bladder. The patient had no
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owed by acetate of potash. He also speaks favorably
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a child were distinctly felt the rapid contractions of the
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was fbond to he occlusion of the tube with a large mass
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of only six or seven segments with widely projecting
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There are two salivary glands each consisting of two


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