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the tincture of sesauichloride of iron with the liquid
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the fresh water is necessarily in closed casks or other dark
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minute. On the fourth day the average of ten observa
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success of this operation says Dr. Gu rin seems to solve
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terranean and in St Gkorge s Channel During my voy
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of the schools excites their officers to every possible
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tent but not united. The acetabulum and head of the
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is one instance of this and atler all the later improve
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great severity. Indeed it is generally more destructive
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Italy and possibly in Germany. I wanted especially to
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true and real causes I The iact is that the causation of
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cut through as in the operation for hare lip. The tumor
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These differences are owing to the more rapid enlaigc
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Drs. Anriett and Button and Bancroft has shown that
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parents and it is not known wh ther it was living at
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In opening the head the use of the mallet and chisel
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if after staining they are treated with a solution of iodine.
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particularly excrements has the power of imdergoing a
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bowels constipated. Ordered leeches on the sub sternal
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in linseed oil allowing the superfluous portions to drain
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Francis Condib M.D. Fellow of the College of Physi
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quotations from Beale Ford and others apply onby and
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of the profession for widespread adoption. Dr. Pallen
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that the diaphragm is the prinipal agent in vomiting
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tions where speedy union or the cut surfeces is of the
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and urged on the inquiries that have already in the
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A warm stage is not so much needed in the Tropics as
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the head are a pair of compound eyes and two simple eyes
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neuve s wards where I found him making bis visit and


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