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was violent itching. The patient shortly afterward died of acute hemor-

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On the other hand, the haemoglobin estimation can be made in five to

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the meatus of each ear was connected with the outer suriace of the mastoid.

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of a mixture of turpentine and ether. Regarding this, too, there have been

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1 am quite sure that if the tediousness of these cases, which is perhaps aug-

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The clinical characters of influenza may be at times so different that the

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temporal, and extending from the region of the foramen spinosum below and

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less energetic ; this, he says, is clearly the apex, but he gives no data on

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mation in the pharynx or of the nares. As the grippe is often accompanied

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folded in between the two limbs by running the line of sutures

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such should be made. Certainly, several of the writers already cited

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does not have a marked eflTect in shortening the life of the individual,

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lished by the Health Department go to show that heroin seems

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and I am not prepared to express an opinion, but it seems to me to be the

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of reports, etc., but this bill will, in the first place, protect the public

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afforded him by the elder Rokitansky of making many postmortem

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When the vomiting is severe, duodenal feeding may prove useful.

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independent of the original disease. Of what is called true interstitial

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mental condition of the patient was most depressed. Occupational

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" In language he improves and generally can easily be understood,

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His second case was a rhachitic primigravida, who recovered, the child


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