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diminish the functional attributes of living nerve fibres without

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cases; some had suffered from profound wasting dis-

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similarly attached to organizations by the post commander on recom-

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a similar affection to that he complains of in his left arm).

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but non-tuberculous peptic ulcer is more liable to occur in those debili-

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the last three weeks. These patches are somewhat oblong in shape,

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able suggestions how to prevent these unpleasant results. From an

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clear and free from pus. The patient began at once to recover. Bar agreed

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carbonic acid gasses ; and on the other the venous blood,

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the further diffusion of the disease : — " The Association

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and, further, to the antiseptic action of any nuclein pres-

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2. Disturbances op the Digestive Organs. — These appear gradually.

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tracted toes, due to wearing short and narrow shoes, such contractions occurring

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itals or umbilical cord, in purpura, in marasmus, in the

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Mill Brook, in the northern part of Walpole, upon the

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regard to the supposed mycelium and spore in the epidermis, I think they are

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ceding the eruption. Levaditi found it in the vesicular contents of

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this substance acts advantageously in some cases of fever. In

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sion a very few rales were discovered in the right supraspinous fossa

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I gave a very bad prognosis. Treatment was at once commenced. Although


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