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The wings have a variable number of veins which are

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as before the use of grindelia. We may mention here

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tella or posteriorly a piece of gutta percha or leather

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During the last few years the merits of Dr. Turner s

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these cases had alreadv reached the last period when

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vantages of simplicity convenience and a greater range

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The main points in the anatomy of the proboscis can

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to the muscles whatever it might be to a greater force.

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thev are called would they be acting in an eminently

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nitro rauriatic acid bath in place of the one before

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the modem advances in the appliances of our art and

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came an interesting question whether the oeating was

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that part of the rectum which already receives a peri

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was at once given. This had the effect of bringinjg the

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probably made up of the putrid products of peritonitis

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grical method of inquiry into mental phenomena treats

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Everything however is being done by the authorities to

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WhsrsaS It is important to the reputation of all men who

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Wended in order that each of the annual sessions shall

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again felt and the body is covered with boils. Glu

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hence no guide to the eye or definite indication by

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or reaction and not unfrequently consecutive fever

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blood in most cases particularly in chronic cases but

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nal cavity presented the appearances of recent exten

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with the decolourised remnants of the blood corpuscles

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in order to get the two ends of the bones in proper

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aerial zymosis and progression may be true in the ab

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rents of the child are healthy as they informed me were

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all forms is a deposit in or below the nasal mucous

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zuosoope cotild always decide as to the existence of


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