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3. Knowledge of a womnn whose posterior, belly, and
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the property of growth and of multiplication. This is shown by small
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Batterham, M.B., St. Leonard's; Mr. T. Bradley, Stockton-on-Tees;
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The pregnant uterus fell over the symphysis pubis in a
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antecedents of cough in a child it should lead to an examination of the
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the cerebrrjspinal axis. The nrst step in the devdopment of these
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Dr. P. Manson, London; Dr. A. S. Morton, London; Dr. L. Morgan,
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was once so familiar, and the clinical accompaniments still more unlike
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Intercranial or other brain tumors have certain dinical features
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response to faradism could be obtained from any of the paralysed
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all medicines. The new Pharmacopeia requires to be so
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appearances and the course of these cases, had impressed me
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cases of serous pleurisy, after the failure of repeated tappings, S. West
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to the question of certificates, he might say that they should
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Chlorosis, 241 — Anemias, Primary and Secondary, 244 — Pernicious Anemia,
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ately, and its effects are well marked in a minute, but after
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stomach is often secondary to cancer of the breast.
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cultivation, injected them into rabbits, with the effect of producing
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pathology. Caius College had long been remarkable for tlie
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part. This occurs whenever a local chill affects a part of the surface
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from the General Secretary enclosing a report of the Com-
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discovered how to heal this wretched disorder. In the Middle Ages
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rhal inflammation, which may be far better treated by the tonic applica-
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recommend that they should be treated with full doses of quinin, such
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sleep is also imperfect, and the action of the bowels is scanty and irreg-
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who couldn't be persuaded that his amputated leg was not before him
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in reading poetry, and his library contained the works of
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or vomiting with a sense of fainting, and not imcommonly with a cold
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In 1877 a special law was passed to make him an Italian
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wools, or especially of silk, and I declined presents of dgars from cap-
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for many months, and are but Uttle affected by their surroimdings
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mittee. In one case a medical man in the north of Eng-
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early death and those in which it would not prove incom-
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ieaidents, with which it is not difficult to sympathise, the
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tities. The maximum percentage found by Hnppert (in the dog) was
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lo-gr. doses of benzoate of sodium, with 4 or 5 gr. of powdered rhu-
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ersed by deep fissures, the lips and teeth covered with sordes, the
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Exhibition was a prairie by the lake ; it is now a park and
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discovered to whose forms the term "micro-organism" has been given.


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