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after the operation "something gave way " or relaxed in the
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its own with regard to discoloration by an acid. While acid of the
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hence the cough, or whatever the reflex may be, will occur
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Improper application of extension. Deficient time al-
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to the lower axillary region. If breathing is harsh
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kinds of diplococci, first the gonococcus which decolor-
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adjacent skin. There is hardly any pain, nor are the lymphatic
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parasite is in constant motion within the cell it presents con-
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shall include a majority of epidemics. Thus, yellow fever does not
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of the eye, the outer end pointed and extending toward the pupil.
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and that during the ordinary period of education, the process
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to what I believe to be the most important, merely indicating
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character and illness of Nietzsche, have no better illus-
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where one is working entirely under canvas and with a necessarily restricted
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per, by means of a pencil soaked in almond oil. Irritant
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medical center administration (1). Five physicians,
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counts. Our work, however, has been done mainly on cancer of
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elevated, and rather darker in tint. Over the right scapula is another
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Before dismissing the subject of diagnosis in this af-
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rence and dressed, and afterwards such as were lying in like
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Bramwell, and tried with diverse results by others. It has been found to
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so as to present a cauliflower appearance. And occasionally they
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organisms may be introduced, but, of course, this was
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Maydl bridge, including about two-thirds of the circumference of
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in the belly is perfectly innocuous, and does not ordinarily excite
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9th. Doing well, has no stomach disorder, hands and feet all
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point by the granting on Thursday, by Vice-Chancellor Sir
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central color defect, even if present, would be a factor. It is doubt-
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Oxyuris vermicularis is not infrequently discovered in this way. Larger
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from time to time are of the greatest assistance in the work.


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