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as to let friends of their patients look into the speculum
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markedly that it is often easier to distinguish between
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ceous tumor such as developed under the eyebrow eye
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Medical Society we are especially called on to lament the loss
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greater coolness than he. before a serious operation he
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hood to propose the question and rank it in equal im
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reservoir and as it escapes this liquid is propelled
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is often found in the organs in cases of malaria but this
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with the relation of oases that have terminated in cure
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without pulling or extending beyond the point where
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to the audience and proceeded to open the course of
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with general debility and that whatever will give tone to
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acid of the same strength as that employed in the pre
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to this symptom it would necessarily be different in the
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maintained that an absolutely certain diagnosis in that
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ddes and especially unusual in those lars e hospitals
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be present in the intestines of healthy persons and does
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manifestations it seems to be singuUrly i plicable.
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produced fever of a low type from absorption of the
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was preserved. This he thought was in part due to a con
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genital opening is posterior to the middle of the body.
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in a normal condition. The trachea was very much com
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whole field of the operation was deluged with blood.
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well formed chest the cartilage of the tenth rib on
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demics and that it is necessary to admit over and above
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completely to expose the blood this will be found of the
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say while admitting the truth of my assertions as he
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ginal fistule. With this reraaininp not only the urine
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quivocal evidence of tubercle extensively difiused.
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recent writers have been studied and all the late and
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responsibilities belonging to that profession and who not
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or operator and their use is therefore to be avoided


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