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be one or from the dorsal surface of the eighth abdominal
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pubL cation ever Tippear no matter wliat its methods
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will certainly be endorsed by those of our readers who
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convenient height should be strong and broad enough
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even in the worst climates. They also keep well if sent
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upright carrying the optical parts of the instrument viz.
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parasite. It is better in case of doubt to look carefully
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often precedes a haemolytic attack. This occurs in black
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can be used instead of the aniline water. If now treated
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passar e are of the same caliber and divided by the index
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contain serous exudation. On the contrary the first
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absence of muscular twitching on feeling the pulse. His
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out of existence altogether for the want of even a meagre
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mg the greater substance of the uterus. In the first
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dulness on right side. On auscultation nothing abnor
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large proportion of these cases it will be found that
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I never use a bistoury for the purpose of cutting the
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During the last few years the merits of Dr. Turner s
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genuine tubercle is present the case is hopeless and wc
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arrangement make a difference. Though much excellent
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three fisur or twelve weeks aHer all the rest had been
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part of the femur the entire tibia and fibula the tarsus
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recorded in the OateUe Behdomadaire and tends to some
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the assistance on the other hand the private patient
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to look for personal contagion in every case as a cause
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ous localities at intervals or in succession and produce
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on the flat surface in all the Dibothriocephaloidea It

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