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Myosis is the condition of extreme contraction of the

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The basis of the present article is a study of sixty five

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These flies lay eggs in wounds and putrefying matter

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mirror in re educating the muBcles controlling their work by

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and it has been found of the greatest service on several occasions when

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searches into physiological chemistry. We are called upon

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erally with half baths at about F. and douches at F.

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branes of the rectum if the adhesions are found to be lat

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sitory to dogs and in electuary to horses. Atropine sul

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substances are not only most important for the etiology of diphtheria but

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fetus the uterine size and position with the degree of distention of the

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us. He was not in favor of intra uterine injections the vagi

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the attainment of the highest moral excellence. In past years till lately

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sanitary service was assigned as sanitary inspector to each town commandant.

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of web catheters and the same varnishes are used for coat

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changes and the secondary absorption of purulent fluid from the

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papers etc. are also examined in order to detect any

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and ennobles our art it alone gives it an object and I may

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became master of the Greek Hebrew and Chaldean languages

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is as important to restore tlie normal length as the conti

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this. One reported by Hell leaves it an open question

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both instances a finely flocculent clouding appeared in the respective drop

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its action on the nervous system. This dilatation is due to the

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vation they were identified as belonging to the genus

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istration of them which Werlhof employed. He gave a grain

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val in the examination of eighty healthy male adults.

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doubtless owing to organic changes in the arts affected as in the

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The opening ceremony was quite French the apncious library

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habit from unfortunate persuasion or from lack of knowledge. In many of

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curs in the urine during physiological or pathological con


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