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pearance but on close inspection little y dark brown

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nently vascular. It is usually situated within a short

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the superior surface of the cerebrum without wounding

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was delivered by Prof. Gross. This was anything but

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longest diameter. He was satisfied that at the time of

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necessitate a proportionate increase in leeture fees.

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Db. Booebs alluded to the case of the late Dr. Tnttle

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which time the boy has rapidly gained in health and

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standing or walking the heel never reaches the ground

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second of last January I proceeded to remove the dis

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world that is not at the congress has gone into the

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healed but at about its middle a small fluctuating tumor.

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tion with the head slightly raised and the thighs flexed

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attitude natural and easy to the mnsclM Ihave not found

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brane of the nose in chronic ozena when it would have

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high ground water and that the sanitary drainage and

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directly outwards laterally while the two remaining

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of the pedicle or its insertion on the uterus presents

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lative evidence. But on the other hand experts should

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of fibrous tissue. They are more readily recognised with

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virtual boon to the profession particularly to that por

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above the pubes after the fifth month at the lateral

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spirit. The slide can then be placed in water to remove

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concerned There is still another fissure to which I

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a deep brown colour is produced in such portions as

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occupy a good deal of time without bringing forward

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servative had declined to open an abscess that then

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The character of the breeding place must be carefully

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Smith Dr. J. Lewis infantile apoplexy 112 pleurisy in in

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aU honorable means to prerent the repeal of the said

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work in earnest. The city has been divided into twenty

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sea sickness oflen take a voyage with entire comfort

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was intended to cut this pedicle eventually near the


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