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mospheric diffusion that on entering such a room several
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of electricity where indeed unpleasant effects seem to
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cal conditions are derangements of menstruation and
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heart no fever at night but a good deal of perspira
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the general meaning of the term is only met with in
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cornea will be read with interest by those whose prac
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upon this subject I have thought it proper to bring
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that covered certain granite rook districts. The out
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flies with long antennae with bead like segments pro
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the scales covering the middle of the occiput with the
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Dr. Reveillant that he remained entirely alone in his
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resulted from this unwonted intimacy between two not
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sation of the bleedinff surfaces and by effecting a solid
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municatee with the articulation. The child has been
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flat sections with large articulating apparatus and
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the neck of the femur and its capability of bearing any
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ically it is found to be composed chiefly of albumen
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nucleoli of a particular character. Tumors of this kind
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processes dissections and the rougher and more messy
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syrups or jams will serve. Some species Sttgomyia for
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silver. It was far from curing the patient however
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very slight if any deformity. This girl when she got
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to replace this fluid by first a weak solution of paraffin
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workers who have conquered every prejudice for this
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theUal growth they may lose their epithelial lining and
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and kgpnotie. 2. Menstruation returns normally every
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that 1 can conceive of physiologically is the germinal
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on a slide and on this the dry paraffin section is arranged
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The dissemination of protozoa and bacteria by insects
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sician to the Royal South Hants Infirmary in an ar
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of deaths as compared with the years more immediately
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second time he restored its tone by a visit to Europe.
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reached rather than the fairest and best of their per


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