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but no bile can be detected in it on careful testing.
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He was surprised also at the conclusions drawn from
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Carion M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology in the Imperial
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ings with which his taste for art has adorned the walls
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satisfactory as the fleas are frequently found filled with
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draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the meet
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firom the right knee joint of a middle aged woman. It
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examination but most of them after a little experience
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iiia through which protrudes a greater portion of the
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Lewinsky head of one of the surgical divisions of the
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always found in dry places dust sand or clothing. At
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chondrium and resents a tumor very ncM ly in the situa
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ing from the fact that there is less danger of mis
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recognized by an increase in the area of the character
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even where there is no very serious lesion of the nerve
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er of motion of the thumb and fingers of the left hand.
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pestilence the duty and privilege of medical officers to
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whole interior of the bladder and I found that no par
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smooth and the organ is not tender on pressure and its
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inal cavity. These constitute the chief difficulties in
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gets into any position and it is easy and pleasant to
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clarifying medium but it takes a long time to penetrate.
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Another innovation fraught with blessings to our city
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vanic and electro magnetic machines enemas surgical
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held up the uterus the smaller one floated in the vagina.
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and are sometimes found in a more or less disorganised
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enucleated the periosteum from time to time on this
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vm sdj and with the other hand the instrument is to be


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