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which should exist between the two are so peculiar

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be the seeds of berries. He was then discharged from

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to the bladder and from each end there was a direct com

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Arsenic in prostatitis 227 in cerebral congestions 477.

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of the duct present in the specimen corresponds to the

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milk steak chicken and eggs in moderate quantities.

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lactose solution is cooled to 40 to 50 C. and the nutrose

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For sections it has the additional advantage that it

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furnished for information of Medical Officers U. S.

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passes its adult stage in the intestine of the dog. It is

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varying within comparatively small limits. The variations

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field varieties. The caraway carrot parsnip and celery

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case where the physician was compelled to give evi

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army hospitals is an excellent one and is as follows


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tions of cells similar to the leucocytes. These either

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After attending to a lew urgent cases to whom prom

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electricity through the structure to be operated upon

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say my views have undergone no change as to the im

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been called to the chair of Surgery in the Vienna Uni

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tuberculous diseases in Norway is about 162 in 1 000.

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ness of partiality could be brought fi gt rward. This at

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of which Dr. Fldjt remarked that while Niemeyer re

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alleged unprofessional conduct connected with the opera

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term quickening it being desirable to make aU fully

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ing the larvae upright in a shady place for a quarter of

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tends to groin and thigh usually intolerable rarely al

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made over the entire length of the bone and then as

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off the film allowed to dry and the specimen examined

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purposes of b6th ligatures and sutures five of these


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