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favorite tavern, when a courtly messenger ran in upon him

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occur in which apathy is not apparent, where the ordinary duties of life

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hair growing over some patches while fresh ones form from time to time ;

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immersion, exposure, privation, and anxiety were combined. In many

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must be employed. The greatest possible care is necessary in the

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Had Charles Lamb's early fears been recognised and allayed, he might

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Little children are even more likely than adults to forget their

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emotions are considerably affected in chronic traumatic neurasthenia.

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The special seat of disease is the scalp ; but sometimes it spreads from

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Garth, the beloved doctor to whom he dedicated the second

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crusts of impetigo, and t~_ie condition may be complicated by enlarge-

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the occiput towards the side of the stimulus, and the chin upwards and

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(3) Cover slips prepared as described above may be used in

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on the surface, such as the familiar calamine lotion, made up with cherry

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supernatural, or must be insane. That this degree of enthusiasm has

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and fifty years, and 29 over fifty years. If these cases are arranged

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many of these patients are the subjects of constipation, and it is well

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bloody hand, Dr. Edmund Greaves was no leader of his

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excitement from passing into mania, (c) In dispelling fleeting delusional

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severe enough, will lead to more or less loss of hair. Erysipelas, small-

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accurately by hair sutures. The same treatment should be advised for

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fostering of habits of self-indulgence ; and how much to the deteriorating

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media slow ; does not liquefy gelatine ; aerobic. Non-pathogenetic (7).

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there is an accentuated and abnormal psychology which is called

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of criminal lunatics as might be expected. Out of a population of 640

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tions. Some decided signs of lung tubercle are discovered early in

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. . . . We forgive you that our mirth is often insipid to you,

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with carbolic or menthol soap, will relieve the itching. Secondary

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rences are exceptional, and perhaps mere coincidences.

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ordinary convulsive seizure, but, as I have said, automatism is almost

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of discussion to physiologists. It was believed to be blood

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tional symptoms ; the latter is perfectly free from danger.

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phadenie cutanie (French authors) ; Inflammatory fungoid neoplasm


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