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second layer in Fig. 2 after its separation from the
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Warner went to London and succeeded in floating a half million
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been for a time less marked in the distribution of this
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The serum unlike the attenuated rirus which depends
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radical treatment as the minimum of indemnity in any case
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where the operation was made. The post mortem examination
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cases of this affection is given by McWilliams. Trauma was
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with the keenest interest as will also the experiments of the
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low fever that have occurred in two Mississippi towns with the
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laboratory and private practitioners are beginning to
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congresses efforts have been made to overcome these
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have public sanatoria but how many In Chicago alone we
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be permanently disabled and the testimony of physicians as
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cine save that of pharmacy this rule is strictly adhered to a
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especially the duodenum. The patients all had an aspect as if
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these may be open to criticism he especially mentions the re
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squarely for the amalgamation of the two schools. Their cue
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deforming arthritis is in general slight and it is usually
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even if the knife is necessary to prepare the way for their
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work imposed on it without evidences of serious disor
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and some joint action followed. In the second case
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The two Colleges having referred to the Committee of Manage
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lobe. The mortality of the former was 2 of the latter 4. A
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at Winnipeg. On arriving at his hotel in Montreal the nature
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tics reveals the unfortunate fact that the mortality rate
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ened that the success of an anastomosis seemed dubious and he
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yet before the reflexes were entirely abolished the respirations
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be deferred until after the birth of the child. According to his
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fishes deposit virgin ova in suitable places and in due
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of his head with the handle of a pitchfork one week be
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Asst Surgeon J. C. Thompson will return to the united States
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nephrostomy in every case of renal retention septic or not at
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continuance or recurrence of painful stimuli of the cen
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and thus decrease the chances of new infection. While
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The tissue removed from the patient is so typical in
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and non commissioned othcers of the U. S. Marine Hospital Service
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apply their own experience knowledge and judgment and the
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