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than those of others. The information gained as to the
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on the life cycle of Trypanosoma noctucc a trypanosome
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much annoyance. They especially attack the eyes nostrils
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the necessity of practising medicine for a livelihood.
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ration must be on the same simple plan of redressing
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the following preparation Take of chopped sage leaves
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obliquely these last are more like the scales on the
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to the left and another below this fotal one it seemed
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order any more readily than that of the second type.
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fixation of the joint which the splint has been a con
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who are to be the leaders and guides of medical science
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country and solicit their definite action thereon with a
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sation or general applications are to be instituted.
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rical wards of any of our large hospitals furnished an
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veins of the wings are long and narrow those running
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sive strips or by a strep fastened about the limb and
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ways of quackery into which it seemed to have almost
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and disease of the joints are also common but tuber
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their friends from diseases of the womb. The tendency
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Asexual Cycle. This parasite has a free and an intra
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since without any difficulty from this plan of treating
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that bilharziosis may become a more widely diffused
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he had a good deal of what is called vw into or tenacity
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elasticity when it is not elastic to the force the muscles


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