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capacity being about the size of a pullet s egg. It was

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per cent solution of phenolphthalein in spirit is the

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naif gives the following case. A child three years old

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hausted. The rapid penetration of tlje densest tissues

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should be employed in order to recognise directly the

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lost flesh from the commencement of the disease had

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fixed and longer immersion in absolute alcohol will

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ducer but also the propagator of the specific infection

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of practical service in the treatment of paralysis as well

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When sporulation is complete each of these chromatin

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Taste the subject is treated with reference to gunshot

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conditions for Cholera specific germ and porous soil

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artery of a sheep on the 17th of October. On the 23d

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certainly variable and the parasites are commonly in

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the will to raise the other and much judgment in so

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wherein the features proportions and individualities are

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and the wisdom and propnety of his advice have been

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constitutional troubles and if this pain is persistent it

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material change was noticed in either the quantity the

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comfortaVe t ent enry to diarrhoea t e pain in the ripht

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on one side we will nearly always find the same con

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foetid discharge and having sent to a neighboring phy

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tened if desired the curved portion which points down

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enable them to enter with a fair prospect of success

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recipe for a particular disease. If this practice were

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beating regularly and did not present the engorged ap

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suffer ihroughout the winter fi m an exhausting diarrhoea

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Boaclf his valuable services to the public thousands of

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of oratorical display. Student and physicians went to

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nesS which he regarded as of great practical value. The

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sweating will go on until that and the heat subside to


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