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more than if the same or a similar fact concerning the
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to lateral luxations they are always incomplete and
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ter class and lives in confined localities with restricted
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made and to which Mussy refers in bis publication of
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vapor of lime water. This process was repeated every
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palible with muscular extension it would be rendered
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and malformation of the liver and thus give rise to ap
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hterary and pecuniary. In alluding to the subject of
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aged about fifty years on Oct 30th ult His original
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standing the immense rapidity of the action of the heart
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Cases of stridulons laryndtis are successfully treated
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by placing in sterilised water and afterwards fixed and
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paid the experimenter with the most beneficial results.
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This excellent and very readable work of Dr. Peters
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no fever no single sign of disturbance of their general
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Antoine in the service of M. Jaccaud. It was a case of
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shrinkage of the cortical substance from atrophy on
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ing the place of meeting and again protested against
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bility of the soil for water and air represents the chemi
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tion to the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal says
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pale and expressive of pain and anxiety. The tibisa
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eminent surgeon of the future. Tne death of this pre
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tinal worms to get into the bladder and be expelled per
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over. I have no hospital for observation and experi
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a number of vertical bundles of muscle fibre the coxal
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differences between the gray tubercle and yellow masses
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purpose of ooUecting the urine he finally had an ap
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have been so situated as to have had opportunity for
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could add much to the hterary interests of the organiza
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the syncope induced by the section of the large arte


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