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ish yellowish countenances so striking among many of
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and eyery precaution used to prevent misadventure. A
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stain well. Colour blind people will find it well to use
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very desirable precaution in the administration of solu
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liability to too much concussion in the joint and a
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brain the spleen and the kichieys were able to observe
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disease are known we cannot expect to know its ulti
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black variety are clue to a fungus and not to a strep
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were united by mterrupted silver sutures the ligatures
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guinea pigs amp c. The pathogenicity of the two parasites
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This difference is becoming more and more appreciable
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The same cannot I think be said of English surgeons
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found early in the morning of admission in an insensi
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Variations in the size of the liver occur in almost every
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ring to the veneration paid to the science of medi
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never laid in rafts but deposited in little groups on the
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eating he had to have his food placed on his plate and
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hid assured him that it was inexpedient at present to
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part of ascending colon and appendix vermiformis ad
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trary views of Prot Sedillot the former represents the
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grains of quinine daily during the time. Four of the
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by numerous experiments acts also upon the blood and
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food contained in tins. The contents must be evapo
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and cupe to the loins and groin fomentations frictions
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any further development in the fly enter the next animal
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taken perhaps with advantage. As for applications of
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be wrapped in a thick cloth for the protection of the
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of jrupture was during the sudden access of pain de
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phagns ovinus fig. 94. The proboscis is composed of
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valuable one an4 creditable to its distinguished author
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also ascertain if tenderness exist in any portion of the

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