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were as strong as he could possibly bear. Both the de

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of the population is of the Celtic and Latin races. We

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ftirtber extension. The proposition coining too from

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and of all pursuits it is said that persons who use the

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The President then appointed as deles ate amp to the

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tion and in less than five minutes the pulse retume lt

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portance in such cases after making an incisi lt n to in

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ployed as a means of exercise and finally the method

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diet beef tea six ounces of wine and a saline mixture.

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the whole of the os calcis and a case of excision of the

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on examination I found a fracture of the pelvis on the

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views and results of the day they are passing events

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variouB forms of paralysis has been at once the oppro

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population it seems conceded that while the population

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protects it from contact with the air. These properties

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fever is prevailing to an alarming extent On the 8th

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Lyons into which venereal cases are admitted and hence

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bowels and thus escape observation. It is necessary

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truth in it Take an egg in its natural condition you

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eration of your readers a few remarks on chloroform

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and the existence of two exactly similar tumors per

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lining of that organ. They are detached by pressure on

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few months visit to Paris. But the silence also re

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The arrangement of bristles and hairs on the eighth

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lent reaction which would in all reasonable probability


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