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Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Philadelphia Polyclinic

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utes duration. Gentle heat will hasten and favor the

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tory. At a recent meeting of the New York County Medical

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protecting roof to the raw surfaces beneath them and af

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sending them. A selection from these volumes will be made

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artefacts. The swollen axis cylinders are found only in

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portant and in many cases the only chance for successful

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Reserve College in Ohio. In 1856 he was graduated from the

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generation in any of the nerves. The nerve cells in the

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The bacillus is found in the urine in probably 25 per cent of

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each day. that child must be excluded from the school. The dis

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of the discharge of its medical examiner in the locality where

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than with either ether or chloroform alone. Complete anes

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There are twenty two churches including all denomin

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the plan of having visitors look after their management.

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bination of various factors these varying greatly in dif

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at once conquered the rebellious constipation ami cured the

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the spread of powder grains in the skin at the various dis

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attempted and it should turn out badly if a limb is

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lieved from such provisions of the war revenue act of 1898 as

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drainage into the pelvis in cases of septic infection. Nine cases

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quinin are administered. Locally methyl salicylate is used

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under the rest treatment of opium disease and the use of

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National Formularj in 1895 as pulvis acetanilidi composi

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Rupture of the Eye ball in its Posterior Hemisphere from a Blow

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districts of the same sections. It is true that they in

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talline lens was lodged between this membrane and the

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any sponge. In answer to Dr. Scott he said that he would

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ly when in a middle aged woman with a hard slow growing

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train service as to their condition as to acuteness of sight

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Gonorrheal Ophthalmia its Complications and Results Iridec

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The SITE of a new munici i il hospital for Harlem which has

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ing a false statement and would be actuated in doing so only

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failing to state a reason for the belief they expressed

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iamson. While paralysis agitans it not a curable disease

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relieved by gastrostomy. He affirmed that he had had good

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should not be overworked. The young man or young woman

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incision and the peritoneal cavity was found full of a serous

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