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On the seventeenth day from the operation the patient left
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practice harmless enough in itself, even if it does provoke
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the lithates ought not to mislead, while the test must always be regarded
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be wanting. An important point in the diagnosis is the age of the patient.
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therefore, not a little surprised to find a chapter on " the Cure of
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In this the second and last edition of this work the subject
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before the glandular enlargements, but it usually succeeds to them.
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upon neuritic jHgeons. These observations support the conclusion of
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knife. Sometimes the patient's bodily disability or suffer-
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are still fatal diseases in Tasmania, although the mortality fipom
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kept perfectly quiet in bed and hot- water bags used if necessary.
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filled, after which the bile is compelled to overflow into the
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cerned." lie alscj thinks that the i)yr;unidal tracts ai'c degenerated, if not
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late stages of the disease, and may become a formi-
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without amniotic fluid contamination in nearly all cases.
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one which opens a wide field for inquiry and examination, and
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the right eye, together with lesions of the palate on
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logical phenomena ; but it tends to mislead into error.
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was experienced while the tube was being introduced. I believe that
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the records of the cases which had been treated in their
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more figures to indicate tlie qualities or functions of the
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The factual medical knowledge was pitifully meager. It
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At first the quantities named may seem excessive to
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condition of nephritis.^ CEdema may exceptionalh^ appear before
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lege, Montreal, in 1878, and was a specialist in diseases of the ear, nose,
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*V. is here defective. 4 Deoj*, H. 9 pypte ; altered later to
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firma, pound it to very small dust, administer it in
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such immense consequence in a social and political point of
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of septicaemia appeared, and the patient rapidly sank,
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of the heart's action— this was feeble and took place at intervals, but it was
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off and on for eighteen years ; and in case 76, for six years. In
scientifically until carefully controlled experiments are
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keeping as secretary of that organization. In this paper. Dr.
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The pus of closed suppurative foci is most favorable for the finding of
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stetrics, he met with a peculiar freak of nature. After
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tion from some state or county medical society ; or (3) have been


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