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was that the vitality of the pedicle beyond the ligature

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the lumbar vertebras were normal in number. The pa

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granulations are neglected they will sooner or later in

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ordinary sweatings or in obstinate cases hot air baths

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soflened so as to be removed with great difficulty. It

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Leipsic died in that city from apoplexy on the d of

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ticed an impairment of the inner half or the field of

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prove that during exercise the urea is diminished or

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will become fuller softer and less frequent while the

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oflfer you the following extract from my memoir upon

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wrapped in a i in 500 sublimate compress covered with

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these exhibit that every tight ligature of either Jeind and

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entitled to. He tells us that the case which 8uggest d

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the throat lesions and the result. That it is peculiarly

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I have seen several cases where they were troublesomo

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then be slit open and placed between two slides and

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of albumen in the urine. Litzman found it present in

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from its writing the pulse on a straight phm so short

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filled up the chasm which had been made by nis actual

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the nymph is infective if fed as a larva and the adult if

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sanitary superintendent shouldering this great burden

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tous patches situated symmetrically on the face arms

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into so many genera is disputed by many medical men.

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whole length of the wing and terminating at the tip. It

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surrounded. In order to gain more room the original

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of the circulation through a hypostatically congested

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extensive libraries of Europe have given our transat

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of the reverse of this latter rule. Dr. Collins cites


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