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the sake of the medical nostrum which in the beginning it im
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anatomy on the one hand and two correlated sciences on the
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of the sick all cases and their attendants must be carefully isolated
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was kept in hospital for a month but all efforts to cure him
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vicarious menstruation was observed. Menstrual molimina were
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more easily when torn than when cut. The line of the
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have guided my conduct in a large majority of my cases latterly
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cation of the paralyzed side. The other superficial reflexes are usually dimin
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There were twenty nine cases in which direct gastro
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trauma though if the cases be analyzed in many of them
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whole herd simultaneously and lessened the virulence of the
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symptoms of some gastro intestinal disorder the pulse is apt to be hurried
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nesses of the digestive organs intestinal catarrh diar
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and hence the success of the injections which I have been con
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do indeed occur they are very rare indeed and that there is a
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abandoned as incurable without giving hydrotherapy with
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The figures show the needle and clamp nearly their actual size.
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which the trypanosomal infection could be conveyed from infected
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standards food values digestion and absorption of foods the
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cut off. In this way the operation is really performed
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lymphoid cells and small hyaline epithelial and granular casts.
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encapsulation of fillings into bone depends are by no
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bosus. The expectoration amounted to a pint a day and had a dirty
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Chrysippus s god and therefore he wrote a whole volume
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announced his discovery of a typhus fungus Ehizoporus. In
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a malarial district shall keep an indexed list of the names of such
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ful effects on the mind. Dr. Liz Applegate of the University
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The recommendations which I am about to make seem justified at this
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stances. Occasionally however such dietetic errors result in a catarrhal


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