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stain and then after removal of the acid he stains with
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ple if the child is in complete health at the period of
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sive power of inaction ViUemin himself has produced
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lithotomy by the left lateral incision came across the
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slight turbidity which they consider to be due to the
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by sulphurous acid in excess is allowed to rest for
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sated juice of the momordica elaterium ecbalium agreste
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sides but especially so on the left so that the second
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mirrors sometimes deteriorate rapidly in the Tropics.
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ticB as to deaf dumboeaa. A defectiye bridge gives way
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may together embrace it below. A piece of wire and a
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The Society adjourned at 4 p.m. to meet at Newport
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with diagnoj is. The chief features of the case he then
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chloride are more especially purulent and putrid infec
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dation is not complete urea being produced instead of
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a careful adaptation of surfaces there was slight risk
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mixture is now centrifugalised until the corpuscles have
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being more or less soldered together. The alveoli also
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Dr. 0 SuLLrvAN read a paper with the above caption.
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factorily observed in the fluid blood. These include
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ploS of the stationary portion at the occipital bone to
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the blood. It resembles very much a fat globule so far
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big asserts that in 1 460 quarts of the best Bavarian
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I quote from his last edition Malgai rne s hooks or
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priety of such an order of naval precedence is manifest
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curved and sausage shaped but may be round. Nothing
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prove that alcohol does not increase iJie capacity to
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nothing but a soft pulp. Under the impression that the
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immediate uterine disturbances or even through their
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conaitions very rarely in the fluid state rarely in the
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say twelve inhalations at least per diem with eight to
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of an inch shortening. She returned with fracture of the
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connected at one extremity by a pivot joint G around
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a little pus. This tumor we said made substance with
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