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trichinosis in which the startling fact is asserted that

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general principle of confining the insane in asylums

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discovered a fjict to which I desire to call the attention

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Here are the facts as far as they go. The theory which

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previous history. At three years of age her nurse let

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to distinguish it from S. calopus. It is easily recognised

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dried section closely applied to the dried slide. The slide

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occasion. Before he can present himself for the final

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parts near the posterior pole altogether enveloped in

minipress prazosin side effects

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the efficacy of certain chemical disinfectants especially carbo

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that I should amputate his leg on account of a disease

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to it pulsates strongly but aU impulse ceases at the

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Trematodes or flukes are rarely met with in man out

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recurred ftom time to time sometimes allowing but a

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pelvis it is easy to see why a foreign body introduced


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