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protect the animal completely. Another series was run in which

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ment with a little wine to be given frequently ; an aperient when

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prefaced by the aphorism that " what is one man's meat is another man's

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lent food, antiscorbutics, and even with preserved meat and

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been accurately laid in the padded splint, it is secured in position by

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Culture obtained by the author from Belle\'ne Hospital, also

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cases that we never thought of taking any special steps to cleanse

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The fairly constant features in which murrina differs from mal

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during autolysis. The experiments of Rosenbach, who observed

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kept no record of cases, on account of the uniform success attending

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infantile myxcedema or cretinism are as follows: Calculating the adult

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pneumococcus and staphylococcus endocarditis; he found that in-

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February 11: Found dead. Peritoneum congested and covered with thick

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12 lbs. ; this one lOf lbs. The placenta was expelled in twenty

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explained only by its power of dissolving uric acid. The author never

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You agree with your petitioners in thinking that the existing Medical Acts

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wonted form for Myriapoda ; and the oceanic Actinozoa are some-

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Besides human blood, that " of an ox, sheep, pig, chicken, turkey,

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occur, but they maintain that such symptoms also arise when the hydrops

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before operating ; and this might be easily done by means of the

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results lead me to believe that all three phases of Hf e cycle are con-

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The period of incubation after injection of the sensitizing dose

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Proportion of Culture and Disinfectant, o.i c.c.-|-sc.c.

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food value is so low that they can be given in considerable bulk, and this

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from either fresh or salt water.] Boiling is best, then steaming, roast-

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Marienbad Kreuz- or Ferdinands-brunnen in the morning on an empty

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of quinic acid and lithium citrate, in tablets, 6-10 a day.]

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properties of the tissue extracts, several real and important modi-

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afternoon, and was sane late that night, and next day was up. She

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nearly into which as possible, the fasces were allowed to fall.

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sweating, which was much alleviated by the chloral. To assure

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lumbago is not connected with affections of the lower limbs, as

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