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Thus apoplectic or other destruction of some portion of one of the cerebral

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quel to such a course in this disease is either penetration of the

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Medical AssoclBtloD of Missouri, Jefferson City, May 21-28, 1901.

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the spleen and the glands showed bacilli, presenting all the proper-

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Correspondent M. Neurology Society of turned, were quickly dissipated by salvar-

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elected members of the Board, took the Beats rendered vacant

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and we wait six to eight weeks, with the result that paral-

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Civil War (I8C1-G:)), ami which, if the records of the

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court, was in itself trifling if not frivolous, and cer-

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pale area, surrounded by an inflammatory zone. Occasionally necrosis or

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lower extremity. In Ms: Addit. Mem. in me '. and surg.

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uremia or the use of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent,

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concomitant ; this variety appearing fometimes when the menfes

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doubt, saved the lives of the others, and had not this

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tympanum produces blepharospasm often. On the other hand,

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new genus Necator. Leiper has recently shown that this new genus

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produced to almost any amount by withholding a sufficiency of food, or

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things put before a medical man? and you want to surrender it!

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sufficient to show that the system is left in a condition favorable for the

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omniverous animals, such as rats and cats, he could

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fever, the further addirion of ammonia will produce a play

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are not infrequently cortical as well as basilar, and occasion-

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first time by Dr. John Thomson, in his life of that

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the convulsion may begin in one member and then become

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cians. The advantages to the members of such a directory of the

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'^^ Bilious fever was raging on shore, where out of forty-two

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Dec. 7. Passed a sleepless night ; the limb more swollen

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have observed a few instances which were speedily relieved by the ingestion of

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at the laryngoscope is enough to convince any one that the lima glottidis

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time. It is pretty generally agreed that an ordinary

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that the contagious nature of measles could be fairly disputed.

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small amount of fat in the gland of the normal animal and the heavy

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