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The peculiar character of these lungs I think must be

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curve which is a logarithm even as such is designated

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duct. Upon slitting up the pericardium an irregular

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bears on its terminal segment two claws fig. 126. There

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space which must be otherwise impropriated. We will

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and he left again shortly. He was soon sent for hur

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ulty. In May 1823 he graduated and in the following

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rice be not added to the decoction ready made but onlv

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the surface of the body was cooL The right pupil was

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charcoal but it was calomel to tne end and it was re

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drawing a pistol upon his opponent who instantly drew

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can only aim at palliation. Persons with a tendency

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administer it to the well children as a prophylactic dur

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seemed to suffer from depression following great ex

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are however peculiar risks attending another region

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on the bed suddenly sprang up threw himself back and

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in breadth. There is a single ovarian tube which is

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drinking. have been swept away like flies. In Tiflis

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tracted to the dimensions of a sinus stimulating in

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Dr. Sayrk stated that five or six days after the oper

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the limbs soon lose their pliability. To mount they

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sort of oleaginous appearance. This operation may bo

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by the addition of a few drop of nitric acid then lime

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sion which Dr. Pattison made on one of these occasions.

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however simply a statement of what first arrested our

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acute and curable cases from the chronic and for the

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This being done and the iris of the patient fully di

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a well padded inclined plane splint thereby favoring

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where there are one or more short processes as it were

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the same time that their ills are more imaginary than

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Another pigmentary deposit of a bright yellow colour

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tkm for te organic cardiac affection are points which

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When a vacancy occbrs on the staff of a hospital or in

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union of the wound by first intention after the opera

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one whose mouth was the seat of syphilitic ulceration


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