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the fact that in a large number of cases there is at first
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auricles and ventricle still engorged with dark blood
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Prance Q reat Britain nor Ireland had there been at
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tumor was sore after the manipulation but patient up
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Taste the subject is treated with reference to gunshot
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itself. For several months the child bad been taken to
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relationship of different animals. The filter papers
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applications of the faradaic current. When first seen
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the parasites found in blood. The stains are easily prepared
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added that no blame was attachable to any of the med
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fragment being proportionably braced extension is next
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bracing the urethra. The skin will be movable over it
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on the cover glass and drop this on the drop of stain so
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Ho tal Moorflelds and to the Middlesex Hospital late
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jections on the upper or lower surface of a corpuscle are
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that of Joule in which 1 kilog. of water raised l C
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tively sober. The autopsy demonstrated the fact of a
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in the gentleman s ear and he told me afterwards that
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epiglottis and pull it forward several times and then
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of the most distinguished physicians and statisticians of
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Genus Chrysomyia. This genus also contains metallic
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On the ouier hand it is said that although the spread
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at the age of about six months. The evidences of inflam
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to a Swiss journal a means has been discovered of utili
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caused ulceration of the middle and internal coats of
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years of age. from whom I obtained the following his
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liar physiognomy. Their natures are effeminate lym
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cently been appointed Sergeant Surgeon to the Queen
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fril plants. It is most widely known by its garden and
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entire life. It wiU aUow of no other pursuit being car
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fully pervert everything to meet their ends. The sup
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way of the latter. People should be warned to avoid
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umbilical souffle is frequently produced by an accidental
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dition to the destruction of the red blood cell which
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terests of 2 631 of our number in sucn a manner that it
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theatre. The patient under the influence of chloroform
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he was consulted she was suffering from symptoms of
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naidway between the anterior and posterior extremi
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confused the changes occurring in these two classes of


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