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fractures; that is, to have a more or less splintered margin, particu-

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ways been a distinct feature of the meetings of this association,

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the urine dark green. Used chiefly as an antiseptic.

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hone situated back of the shoulder. It is held in position by large

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bandages or by means of handkerchiefs, however skilfully

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general. If this is the case, then in the bone marrow should be

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small bistoury ; and with an Anel syringe for injecting

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its home in the spleen. Leukemia is a disease of the bone-

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After cutting out a piece of the spinal marrow on the one side, an impression made on the

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and removed entirely with the exception of the upper portion of the healthy

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Aid patient in preparing for community living and carrying home

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and it is difficult to realize that it is not a performance for the amusement

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recovery was gradual. For several weeks he had some

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ciety was in favour of chloroform even in haemorrhage

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have a special importance in physiology and pathology, nor-

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1893, xxi, no. 1, 110-136. Also, transl. : Berl. klin. Wchn-

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was not influenced by exercise, respiration, or pressure of the

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place; the tumour was then tapped, and allowed to drain

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in such a way that the point of entry can not be used as an

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plete sets of the Transactions, there will be no difficulty in dis-

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condition, barring syphilis and trauma, equally prolific of morbid

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pass dark-colored, and threw down a heavy, brick-colored

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4. Muscular tissue in health is formed of three classes of substances : (1) Those

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Observations on the Natural History of Traumatic Tetanus.

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verified again, that which is stated by Dr. Hughes, that mercury

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useful in patients with a good strong heart, but need not be given for

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II. Large bladder-worm with brood capsules, inside which are the scolices :

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(Gervais and van Beneden, 1859) Diesing, 1860; Dracunculus loa CohholA, 1864;

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relief because he is unable to swallow solid or liquid food becomes

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cellular elements is a marked feature ; and in maintaining, possibly in

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dermic injection. This stage of excitement is gradually replaced by a

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cise chemical nature of these bacterial poisons, and, as already

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serve to illustrate the second type of reaction to acute experimental

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and a fancy that they saw in it some peculiar evidence of creative intel-


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