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the dilution colorimeter has the advantage that the proportion in

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Diagnosis. — While in a certain number of cases of typhoid fever a

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believe that it is occasionally the starting-point of chronic renal trouble.

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loopful of the fresh tissue fluid is mixed with a loopful of

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there is a single or a continued invasion of micro-organisms. Under favourable

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serum of many animals possesses strongly bactericidal powers upon organisms

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Calculation: When the standard with 0.1 mg of glucose per

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within twelve hours of the occurrence of the perforation, if it is to have

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pauper ; has had two illegitimate children. An unmarried girl,

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solid organs, such as the liver, a thick slice (3-5 cm) should be

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dangerous vomiting, severe diarrhoea, or dysentery.

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been frequently observed, so that the disease cannot any longer

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diluted with water or other vehicle as to be rendered compara-

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exudation assumes the characters of pus, being whitish in colour, when

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indicate that orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata) is rarely the

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personnel be prepared to determine whether the species present

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they fancied hidden under his gentlemanly exterior, it would not

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of her size, and, as one would expect, she was able to be up and

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solution. An initial toxine immunity having once been produced, it can be

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of Red Cross Societies at the St. Stanislaus Hospital, Warsaw, Poland, Feb-

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from causes which it is not easy to discover. It occurs in cases

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distinct pink color develops on the disk. With normal

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blood early in the disease and during the febrile periods

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mosis with the articular branches of the popliteal, unless there

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all the while of the fact that they were purely imaginary, I have

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0.25 c.c; 1 :500, give 0.15 c.c, 0.25 c.c, 0.35 c.c, 0.45 c.c;

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Dr. Charles L. Seip has located at Middleboro, Mass.

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(1) For each serum arrange two test tubes and place 0.5 ml

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call any increase in size without histological change hypertrophy, even though

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not found on plate cultures and inoculate upon plate media if

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complete replacement of the primary elements by fibrous tissue.

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He was a physician, devotedly fond of his profession, it was said,

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technic which may be used for staining thick or thin films. The

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changed the prognosis in acute and serious cases ; but in milder cases it

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conditions at the rate of 1 or 2 parts per thousand per

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tained with a given pair of specimens, it is best to repeat the test

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ber, this is an accident of not infrequent occurrence. Its relative

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purpose of the homoeopathic student and practitioner (the exhibit

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or villous degeneration is severe enough to cause menorrhagia or

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