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United States it is not apparent where north of Delaware

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pension came to Dr. M s office saying he was totally

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E. Couvreur Le microscope et se.s applications I tude des v g taux

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rapid phthisis. Take special note that I do not use the term galloping

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near bubonic plague to the milder forms of which pestis minor it bears

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other hand acute conditions require more frequent attention.

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Sir William Jenner said smoking tended to produce palpitation prolapse

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briates. Without such an institution the victim of inebriety must

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operation in the digastric triangle known generally as Hue

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records held by government agencies currently. Some of them may

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the distinguished Professor A. Charpentier of Paris is con

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vertigo occasional nausea and spasmodic griping pains in the

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cervical quadriplegic patients with respiratory insufficiency by

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treatment of gonorrliea. They found that action tried before the Supreme Court of

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than the cause of the rheumatic process and that the es

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ments and that the Board has no authority to issue iev

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carried otd since the murderous devicea of Paracelsus came into vogae.

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the interval the next day and if she failed to con

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regard he did not consider this objection to hold he was

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miserable resignation of the medical to the lay element these London

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cerations or fomentations with llq. plumb if there is inflammation and of vin.

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then they were enforced by the authority of the Crown

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rence is exceptional the parasites are said to be incidental

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Four cases were associated either with increased cerebral pressure

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that the vast majority of malformations have their origin

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scrutinized with special care for in both these situations infection with the

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they were administered had until then given rise to scarcely appreciable

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State. Serum specimens from four of these five patients

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free to grams of lung and grams of suet. April. the fasting

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occurrence of an attack of tachycardia whether the attack is a symptom

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considered to be a compendium of our knowledge in the sub

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of the urgent symptoms and a mercurial purge may sometimes


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