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(most commonly); (6) through the bile-ducts, and (c) the metastasis may take
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tact with the diseased surface, it should be again applied as soon as the mem-
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sion, leading to the fear of much inflammation, it should be exposed
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below normal. Singultus is now present, and has been so during the last
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cases, where a man had died of an aneurysm without its hav-
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1. The “deductible clause” or the “waiting period.”
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From the circumstance of this disease being very common among the
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disease, Haig tells us that "uric acid really dominates the function
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regularly as in hip-joint disease. In so-called sciatic scoliosis the ver-
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several skilled operators, and in a large proportion of these without inter-
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by changing the form of the remedy or by the addition of a carminative.
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The following case came under my observation, soon after Dr.
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sickly children, as well as in cases in which mercury is to be administered for
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irritating than those with a pH between 9 and 10 (Cullen and
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The Bacteriology of the Blood. In a series of 75 cases of otitis
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that hexamethylentetramine has no pro- being accompanied by various painful
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irritating and inflaming the stomach and bowels. As flimiliar examples
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supplanted immediately, or very soon, by the corresponding permanent tooth.
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the return of venous blood from the p)eritoneal membrane, as the following:
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marry at between 25 and 30, the great bulk do not do so until
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they are due to an acute haemorrhagio diathesis, which firequently
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nation in the present world conflict will ever remain to the
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apex. The second sound is not audible here. The heart's action is quite
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had enormous pain, but no fever, no single sign of dis-
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further insult, and produces a formed stool within which the adsorbed toxin
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in this anaemic subject by pressure with the radicularpressor at
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It is in a great number of instances exceedingly difficult, if not in
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the different raeidical colleges, namely: University of Pennsyl-
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the illiterate Gauls did their writing with swords, clubs, and
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Auditory Canal ; 3, The Middle Ear or Tympanum ; 4,
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pends upon some impalpable anatomical abnormity of the centre of
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The second j^ortion of the volume is devoted to the
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* "Die Migraine und ilire Ileilung durch Electricitat," Pesth, 1868, p. 115.
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of filtrate. With two of the cylinders (experiments 2 and 3) the
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days later a digital examination was made, and the os was felt
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or four days. They are hard and do aiot pit on pressure. These
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of nephritis, until his final sickness, which was also an
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pelvic pains for over two years. Within the past few
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