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tion of the sensory root possibly resulting in part from

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Dr. Simon Flexner stated that the specimen presented very

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in the Sandwich Islands in Australia in the United States

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and the artery. This I have not found to be the ease.

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and humidity probablv assisted in producing the fatal

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objection first the Supreme Court of Missouri Division No. 2

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I know no dangerous results namely rashes fever and

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external rings are nearly opposite while as the pelvis broadens

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development and function. The agents of these activi

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injury of blood vessels. The operation therefore differs

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but he is totally opposed to its use in scarlatinal nephritis.

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nounced and leading to oozing or aborted almost exclusively

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diminish the mortality. The presence of adenoids and

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the changes in the heart s action which follows will usually in

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of Buxton s paper 1. Carcinomas contain connective tissue

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epidemic will be continually maintained at a high average

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researches on the lower animals confirm this and it appears

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cisor teeth in the lower jaw being defective he had held his

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powerful influence on the abdominal and pelvic organs

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vestigations into the action of heat and cold on certain

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times with bromid and chloral and ten minims of tincture of

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Appendix and Cecum from the Standpoint of the Oastro Enterol

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the cyanotic kidney common in heart disease. There was no

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tions must be decided in each individual case on its

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Gall bladder Ductless Glands Circulatory and Respiratory Organs. Pp.

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Dr. William P. Pool said that the methods described in the

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less than 3 per cent mortality. Pasteur s most popular dis

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them. On the whole it is perhaps not so very remark

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of such general conceptions suggestive in character that

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never be thought of. Yet there are exceptions notably in the

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