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At the last meeting of the Medicolegal Society Dr. J.

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Operation of Removing the Appendix in All Cases Oper

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fungus of actinomycosis and that their passage through cold

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Dr. J. Henry Barbat San Francisco presented a paper en

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was that of two children of a distinguished missionary

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Discussion of Step. It has seemed unnecessary to the writer

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growth containing the same parasites. Sanfeliee claims he

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audible in 33 per cent. and can be used for diagnostic purposes

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instance at Soekaboemi which is about 1809 feet above the

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pleasure of passing to and from the various hostelries

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rence of heart complications than that of salicylates alone. The

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teaspoonful in water about meal time to move the bowels one

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arch. The flaps in this class of cases are shorter and

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against that company some months ago for. 168 000 claiming

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Asst. Surgeon John McMullen on being relieved from duty at

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