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Dr. MacMonagle cited illustrative cases for each of these
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ence of Indiana health officers will be held in Indianapolis May
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declared that the most glaring need in his department is a
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nasal chambers for it has been observed in many other
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seen an operation for its relief in nearly every hospital I have
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the risk of sacrificing human life was recommended in a
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acter there is partial cessation of the tremor even if mo
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temporary relief is dangerous if continued any length
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by the most careful study of the means employed their
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that could be reached was removed piecemeal by snaring cut
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emulsion. Of lumbar punctures 80 per cent have sho n the
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is opened for a moment to allow the admission of air and
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and paroxysms terminated abruptly without the least distress
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and streptococcus induce moderate infections that the
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and then pxmcturing it. In the first two cases I found
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various hotel proprietors has spared no pains to make
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which he suspects the urates are the disturbing cause
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salaries being commuted accordingly. All goods for these hos
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manner to bone and likens the union to that which formed
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weight was borne by the right leg. On inspection the
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treatment can be instituted and the most painstaking
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from Chicago myself and a recent graduate from Harvard
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the reference to which the 5 refers loc. cit. and which
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cating the kidney affected. Extirpation of the organ
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must be furnished that the tube is actually in the stomach.
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Once in every two or three weeks the hair and scalp should be
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Visitors are required to insert their names and residences in the Book provided
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the same time carefully heated. Hereupon the prepara
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ten less than the actual number. Of these 83 paid. The rest
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regard and this is more noteworthy since the total an
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egg and imbedded in the brain tissue. It was incised
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advantage. Formaldehyde would seem theoretically to be an
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articles prescribed only about twenty five would be official ones.
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been considered a structural formative vesicle containing
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The city s Board of Health has acted favorably on the
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the patient 26 years old the bone out six months. Very
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this is quite readily soluble and can pass through the cell
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ven extensive observation I must insist that the break
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there was no change in conditions except that the pa
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they consult physicians and if it were not for the skill that

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