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of the department the claims of their respective corps

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the least injudicious if not an unwarrantable reflection

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of charitable feeling and disinterested philanthropy

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accurate observation in these cases consisted in not ap

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keep the patient covered and perspiring without carry

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tion as this keeps it transparent. The dissection should

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that it was hopeless to seek for a more trusty guide.

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about half a pint of serum. I was then enabled to ex

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conditions as even in stab cultures there is usually

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Sring when he had a severe attack of fever and ague

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about 5 A.M. something seemed to loosen in his throat

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time to time to unscrew and clean the surface of the

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training for muscular feats should not live upon a diet

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International Medical Gongre have anticipated impor

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human beings must be widely different from that prac

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quire whetlier all questions of trade were not referred

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tremities became cold and respiration labored I gave

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The article on treatment we regard as very practical

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never has been such a healthy season. The mortality

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operation was highly offensive and small particles of

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and are laid on leaves and stems of plants and on water

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with a mixture of organisms such as is met with in many

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To facilitate our examinations and to render our in

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cells may take place and in such cases the cell ceases

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Tisit to the Queen of the West as agreeable as we hope

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surgeons in India were to solicit in their cases the

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respiration all the physical signs of absence of air were

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cess is based upon the exclusion of those atmospheric

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trines contained in the lectures the published copies of

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not and that Dr. Routh s experiment therefore directly

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CJirystya similar to Myzorhynchus but separated by the

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are examples. The poison of one disease seems super

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over the greater part of the left lung showing probable

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