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scarred surface. Other epithelial affections were treated
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length of time from 24 to 48 hours so that the pos
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through an incision parallel mth the orbito nasal margin.
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iologic or pathologic fluids and secretions. For these
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tution as may be directed by the Toledo Medical Association.
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this portion of the gut to the uterus and broad ligament
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Histology. Medical Department of Columbian University
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neys to eliminate. It is a well known fact in physiology
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praeticabilitj of such a law seems self evident and it appears
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parts from extraneous injury. The one operation should be
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entirely obviated by the completion as a portion of
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began treatment with the mixed toxins Jan. 3 1893 at
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method long known to sanitary scientists and f which the masti
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tongue to the left of the median line was lost for bitter
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in most instances clinically whether a well developed
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duty pertaining to his occupation. It now believes that it
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pushed to the complete suspension of accommodation.
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in ill health for some time. For some years he practiced in
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erer Doutrelepont and others that in the smegma of the
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which he used a rick drain. While many of his serious onee
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explained on several hypotheses. The most probable one
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Dr. Keen carefully examined the patient and was greatly
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esting to note that in 10 of these cases the sarcoma

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