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our remarks will sustain no lasting harm firom their
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till the blue colour is quite distinct. If the blue colour
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operation in t le usnal way and placed a ligature upon
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cal officers did or did not neglect the Austrian wounded
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The methods generally used can be divided into three
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for half an hour. It should then be allowed to cool
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the internal portion of the bone. These canals leading
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soil of the two large buildings and prevented by con
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treatment under Dr. Rogers s direction at the Demilt
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should be kept in a dark place as they then are less liable
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ing more actual insight into the details of their profes
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duty to announce to this Society the death of two of its
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out by the child himself. One year afterwards the same
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the results That the autopsies prove what is indicated
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To say nothing of a rail and abundant knowledge of the

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