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care and labor. He dwelt at lengih upon the represen
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tion in his lectures on Propagation of Cholera. Why
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extends only from the heel to the extremities of the
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infectious focus the shrinking and immediate stopping
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that hit children at one birth and all living and doing
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to be wa ied out the doctor filled the syringe compart
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still continued and drew off a considerable quantity
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Dupin suggested the imposition of a heavv tax as the
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rine is liquid while hot but on cooling it becomes solid
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wings along which there are often characteristic bristles.
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two platinum wires connected with the electrodes of a
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therefore the appropriateness of the diminutive. Beale
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of tumor occasionally in connection with the lymphatic
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in consequence of the congestion caused in the flap and
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which took place the Friday preceding at the church of
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and intermittent. An abdommal organ may also at one
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perhaps have been anticipated from the nature of the
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tions led on to the condensation of the gases. In 1833
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mation of the colon were very decided. The coats of
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pitcher plants. amp c. the water collected in the joints of
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right side and having his head thoroughly elevated.
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observation. The patient a girl aged seven years had
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applications of belladonna or of opium or of both com
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Dr. Jones British Med Jour. 1862 found in thirty six
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careful dinical observation cadaveric and microscopic
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and paUent could not bear the lightest pressure exter
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days and has had a catamenial discharge regularly every
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