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thigh and ran up three inches and there terminated.

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rismal bruit is clearly heard. Since admission to the

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standardised these can be used for blood counts and the

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means of aggregated fitcts the contagiousness or the

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which existed between the oedema and the presence of

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pains followed but soon ceased. Ergot was then given

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country practitioners and is buried with them in the

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and had to be laid aside. The feet were then grasped

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and acids to be pounded thrice daily with a ball of

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is best effected by placing the funnel filter paper and

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They require thorough cleaning and a stock cleaned and

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from a poor hospital to the houses in the neighbornood

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firms Meissier s supposition. The following propositions

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Of all the names which challengd my attention it is

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very simikr to that found in the same circumstances on

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because I cannot see how such a plan could be seriously

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for paralysis of sensation of both legs firom which he

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whtt firmer and harder and consequently has very per

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having recovered and yet he admits that he is not quite

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all the chances of counter prescription and advice and

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shop or office where anything whatever or any instru

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utes after the first application when thrown into cold

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when once the conditions are present for its formation.

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were constantly employed in the furtherance of mea

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pulsation has yet returned in either of the arteries at

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less perfect manner the same indications as nitrate of

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abdomen whilst resting upon the lower projecting por

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authenticity of his cures. A story is told of a priest

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quantity of chloroform inhaled the coming of a period

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porcelain dish over a flame protected by wire gauze.

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as in colitis of the adult. This condition of things ex

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trary by accidental circumstances such as convulsions

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ment by electricity was some thirty pounds. He said

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practice. Certain diseases prevail at certain periods

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divided just below the ligature as it was also just above

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through the medium will coagulate and in its coagula

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sents a report on the topical apphcation of iodoform in

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the liability of a free and fatal flow from the slipping of

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cases where there is evidence of degenerative changes in

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January 6. I saw her at an early hour and found her

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The Bacteriological examination is of the utmost i m

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The nymph in turn attacks a fresh host and having fed


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