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future expenses leaving 58 000 to be distributed to the various

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Dr. Squibb then spoke of the preparation of anesthetic

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time of such consultation could not be said to be false though

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It is reported that nearly half of the Red Cross Ambulance

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the coming of a new agent or of a new method for the

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which can be completely or partially overcome by proper correc

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that in order to remove it it was necessary to use the curette.

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Wood Spirit Methylic Alcohol Eormic Acid. Amylic Alcohol Nitrite of Amyl.

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The right kidney showed changes similar to those found in

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cosmetic purposes with good results. The patient afterward

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according to the provisions of the said several Charters or Letters Patent

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the recurrence of epileptoid fits after the fitting of

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Proben are the destructive ravages of the disease on the nervous

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in the hope that as time passes we may be able to cure

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with considerable interest not unmixed with some anxiety

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cates or to refuse all and thereby prohibit all animal experi

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President McRae read letters from Senators A. O. Bacon

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desirable that the Regulations governing the procedure in the

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sponging of the extremities or entire body with equal parts of

how much valium is equal to ativan

Oklahoma Territory Medical Society Oklahoma City May 9.

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tion to pass a Preliminary Examination recognized by the Greneral Medical

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the next day. He has seen violent attacks of tonsillitis follow

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Six acres of ground have been transferred to the Bethany

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is no more frequent in the early stage of scarlatina than in

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be the specific cause of yellow fever this observation

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few good journals keep well posted and up to date treat

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comparing the bacilli of Lustgarten if found with those

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might under the circumstances in its discretion direct that

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