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Dr. Welch of Baltimore Md. to adjourn to meet the following

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pital shows that 663 patients were treated during the year.

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ciety Gustav A. Kletzsch Milwaukee Government Hospital

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tuberculosis problem will however be the proper hous

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editor adds a story of an old priest whose white hair

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Ethmoidal Sinus Resu lting from Dental Caries Operation Re

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clude evidence that the Student has attended the Practical Instructions and Examinations

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London and of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

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illustrated the fact that the native Indian is practically im

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place. This child however recently presented herself again

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ation and is again rejected and even a third time. I have been

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cult to see a possible reason why quackery should flourish

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Venzuela but owing to the uncertain conditions growing out

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rest Willard Philadelphia. The next meeting will be held in

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words the mortality of pneumonia exceeded that of all

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was a graduate of the University of Pennsyhania class of

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ment Hospital for the Insane to which all cases of this

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their stimulation of the motor and secretory mechan

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artery. This allowed the blood still to ascend to the

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and the cause of its marked antiseptic and inhibitory powers

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the internal organs were normal excepting the spleen which

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advantage used as a douche. There have been advocates

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