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in the left precentral area. Transverse sections were made of

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sentiment of jocosity (playing at unreality) is the

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for several years. She had fallen into this condition on hear-

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knowledge of its etiology must be acquired and disseminated not

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in neuromuscular conditions, as well as demonstration and practice of

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of contagion, and are often overlooked, or mistaken for some other aftection. —

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These poor students so filled with the food they cannot

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of diagnosis, the potato cultivation being necessary under

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X Dr. W. R. Gowers, Reynolds's " System," vol. iii, American edition, article " Hodg-

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haemolytic — (i.e., splenic), removal of the spleen would hardly have

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being the largest and passing through the smallest part of

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sufficiently long time to permit of the circumspect per-

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employed with advantaire for small vessels whose muscular coat is

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Also, Reprint. — Relation ( Tlie ) of food to ph.ysical

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that it was more difficult to find wet nurses in this

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Corrosion of the (Esophagus with Caustic Lye.— By Borni-

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Henrotin, Charles Jewett, Walter P. Manton, Chauncey D. Palmer, Hunter

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acid test sometimes brings down a precipitate of resinous acids, which

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Although a person may labour under hallucinations without any mental

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sinus of Valsalva, and another portion, of precisely

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from the original Latin of Roger Bacon's Speculum Alchemiae," ***

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the one event and the other — that is, between the closure of the

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papules or vesicles that occur in erysipelas may resemble those of

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things. If this is not procured, the delicate, softened

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complicated to the general practitioner, who is in the habit of

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On examination the right limb has the following position :

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rest upon them without flinching — he says he feels it, but

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70 Reece : Poliomyelitis in Devon and CormvaU, 1911

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In very rare cases there may be a prodromal stage, lasting one or

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to which the iodine solution had given rise by reacting on the pro-

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Therefore, when the rates of tooth elongation and tissue absorp-

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children, with febrile symptoms, lasting, it may be, for a few days, and

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