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force is removed or continue their spring action until they
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been very large. One recalls the method of punishing
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little inquiry will determine a satisfactory source of
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At a recent meeting of the Board of Health a oommuniea
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nation and a condition of progressive ill health ending in death.
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various branches in medicine and surgery or to present to said
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Dr. F. Figueira recommends in Brazil MMicn of March
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shall continue to have all such and the same jurisdiction powers authori
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business trip to the maritime provinces not having suffered
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Lireat but it would be a very respectable fortune by it
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The performance tvhere practicable of the operations of Surgery on the dead body.
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institutions of the time and there are still in some
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sonable knowledge of the science to which it pertains are
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of the nervous system must be viewed from a different stand
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at Winnipeg. On arriving at his hotel in Montreal the nature
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pain at the internal orifice and in the fundus. Nothing abnor
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not exceed 250 to 300 pounds in weight. Boxes with rope
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placements have long been proclaimed by this writer and the
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the obscurity and complexity of a subject do not detract from its
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be taken by the physician in administering strychnia to pa
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By placing the stethoscope over the patient s brow one is
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each day. that child must be excluded from the school. The dis
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ing arthritis but the results are uncertain in cases of
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If streptococci are found in the wound discharge but
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were treated with a mortality of 7.9 during the second year
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addicted to its constant use. It was found that from
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Tuberculosis on the contrary affects the individual for a
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sert that its enactment will not interfere with the proper
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ered the essential feature of malignancy. The relation of
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five years and seven months the other five years and
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tuberculosis and further should always be used in deter
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the same time that it is interesting and enjoyable. It
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Board convened to meet at Washington D. C April 19 1900
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cells contain large masses of yellowish so called pigment sub
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ginous Medication 1870 Action of the Salts of Cicutice 187G
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more painful finishing touches are needed recourse to
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slightly enlarged and displaced downward and formed
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og. The prolific multiplication of medical societies
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