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probability of recurrence is relatively slight. A mild first at
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scarred surface. Other epithelial affections were treated
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his patients to do considerable walking during the last few
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service in the general hospitals. In September 1898.
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are empowered to elect an equal number of coadjutors
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referred to the frequent curettement and the prevalent igno
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physician for his neglect to find a splinter of such size in their
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clinics and lectures to their assistants. The Berlin
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This American reproduction of a well known British work is
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The late Kobert Hunter devised 1000 to the Protestant
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these preparations becomes exceedingly questionable from the
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speaker s 23 cases. In only one instance was it typically pro
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occurs. It is essential that the solutions be mixed in the
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also occur locally is shown by cases of cholecystitis reported by
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edge of prior medical history as well as careful attention to
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That the statement of Mr. William Nicholas Richards in
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conviction that these micro organisms stand in a causal
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be suggested by the coexistence of a peripheral lesion or
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the cold bath is believed to cause rapid elevation of the tem
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connected with the ether inhaler the valves being so adjusted
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dent s certificate of examination for admission to the freshman
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with that during the four years from 1896 1899 In the former
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atrophy nor granulations but the arterial contraction of the
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practice of modern asepsis. For this reason criminal
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so well the dictum of that renowned Philadelphian and
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for in a large cicatricial mass closely connected with the
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admits of the most mendacious misrepresentation to bolster up
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The conclusion is that when a persistent headache situ
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tender and easily invaded indicates why they should be
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firm unto them all such jurisdictions powers authorities and discretions
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her previous history and temperament must be considered.
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to the Transvaal. No censure can be too strong for men
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the blood in this connection of two of the more re
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is easily master. But that is only half the proposition. This
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in one fourth of my patients. A common exciting cause

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