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of the distinguishing forms of death by submersion.

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difficulty were at length secured. For greater security

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koffer. He also referred to the very exhaustive manneT

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The proper discussion of the question in refereooe to

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to them when he abandoned the preparation of his own

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He died in just one hour after taking the draught Med

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tebral column by the impossibility of extending the leg

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Dr. Smith thought that as far as city children were

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senting a large proportion of accidental cases. The

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of the subjacent muscles the action was evidently reflex

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tissues are then washed for twenty four hours in running

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ally not suddenly but there is occasionally an exception

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lines from the optic papilla. The pedicle of the tnmor

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India and local circumstances and meteoratious influ

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expose themselves for weeks to miasmatic exhalations

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port on medical literature is well and tastefully writ

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alcohol for twenty four hours then in alcohol and ether

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quite loose but what at first sight seemed remarkable

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testines and bladder. This beinc the case it was im

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young lady of eighteen came into our office and inquired

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largement detected by the slight uniform increase in

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immunities and demands certain conditions in return.

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says that he has very often succeeded in cutting short

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profession we more than intimated that the prescrip

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flexure a hardened mass was discovered which was im

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tion that he would communicate the same to the Legis

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death on Tuesday evening. In oondnsion. he remarked

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sickness and f t her subsequent impaired di M gt stion and


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