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ture will not do it again. Internal faradization acts well
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the blood current. It notifies all cells throughout the
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is no doubt that it can be controlled by suggestion as
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the quality of which is often correspondingly deterior
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An interesting specimen was presented at a recent scientific
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Members of without examination but subject to such conditions and regulations as
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While the clinical signs in many instances may be very
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after it is lost from any reason takes place from this
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crease of the osmotic pressure as indicated by a reduc
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pectoration of large quantities of a thin watery fluid.
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single rows of cells are seen radiating and infiltrating
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General attention to exercise and hygiene on the part of
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ber of observations are described in detail showing the import
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layer of transparent fibrous tissue which overlies and is
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the peripheral condition had returned because of its in
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acteristic pain of tic douloureux and is caused by eating
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if this is to be slurred at by physician and quack alike. Why
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for review as dictated by their merits or in the interests of our
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sent the Medical Department of Ihe Arm at the Ninth Annual
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much emphasis can not be laid on possible operative infection
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the rectum 5. DilTerentiate between the anterior and posterior
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the beauties of Nature. If he has never witnessed the prompt
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male in its fullly developed and sexually mature condition meas
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fore the first tertiary manifestations appeared during the
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This observation tallies closely with the current teach

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